We Are The Church

We believe the church is not somewhere you go, it’s something you are. We know that God is moving through His church, and we want you to be a part of it. There are several ways you can get involved.

Invite a Friend

Growth: Invite a friend

We believe that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn’t come through new ways of doing church, but through the ancient way — faithful preaching and contextualizing the unchanging gospel within a changing culture. Cornerstone teaching means faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the only way to eternal life.

Small groups

Groups: Join a small group

Getting involved in a small group, learning and sharing together, is a great way to meet friends, be encouraged and to encourage others with your own personal life experiences.  Supporting each other as we grow is what small groups are all about!

Sound tech

Gifts: Join a team

Each of us have gifts and abilities that God has given us to use for His mission and for the betterment of His people.  If you’d like to use yours, there are plenty of ways to get involved in work we are here to do!

Giving Heart

Giving: Give online

We believe that giving is one of the best ways to progress the gospel to the world!  God has instructed us to give, and to be giving people.  We are a loving, giving church and want to bless others, as well as be faithful with our giving.  There are many ways to give!

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